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a place for black literature


a place for black literature

Founded in 2007 by a group of writers, editors, and booksellers, ringShout is dedicated to recognizing, reclaiming and celebrating excellence in contemporary literary fiction and nonfiction by black writers in the United States.

"I hope to see the day when there are more of us at the party (and the parties), when the work of African-Americans who tell our part of the American story well receives the celebration, and the sales, it deserves."

- Martha Southgate, "Writers Like Me," New York Times Book Review, July 1, 2007

Book List

A jumping off point for discussion and raising awareness. Includes works by these authors:   Read more...


ringShout plans to develop tools for advancing black literary culture and placing ambitious work by contemporary black writers at the center of the American literary tradition.

Salon Kits

A resource/guide for generating literary conversations and salons at the grass roots. Bookstore outreach in collaboration with booksellers and publishers, sustained promotion of contemporary African American literature.

Academic Outreach

Information and resources for educators, librarians and literacy initiatives for youth.

Publishing Projects

New opportunities for emerging and established writers.

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